Wagamama Breakfast Menu Price 2024

Wagamama Breakfast Menu

Welcome to Wagamama’s breakfast menu in the UK, where you can start your day with yummy food. Whether at Wagamama Breakfast Heathrow or Wagamama Breakfast Gatwick, you’ll find many tasty options.

We mix old favorites with new twists using fresh, top-quality ingredients. You can enjoy big English breakfasts or Japanese-style bowls; there’s something tasty for everyone. See why Wagamama is the best place for a happy and delicious breakfast.

Wagamama Breakfast Menu Uk 2024

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Wagamama Breakfast Menu

DishesPrice In UK £
Coconut Porridge (v)4.95
Fruit and Yoghurt Bowl (v)4.95
Japanese Pancakes5.95
Spicy Tofu Scramble6.95
Bacon and Egg Donburi7.95
Salmon Teriyaki Donburi8.95
Wagamama Breakfast Menu Uk

Most Popular Wagamama Breakfast Menu in the UK

Wagamama Sausage Katsu Stack Menu

Sausage Katsu Stack

Seasoned pork sausage coated in panko breadcrumbs drizzled with sriracha ketchup and Japanese mayonnaise and stacked with spinach and two free-range poached eggs.

Wagamama Kedgeree Menu


Flaked smoked haddock, leek, and spring onion are folded through sticky white rice and Wagamama’s katsu curry sauce and topped with a free-range, soft poached egg.

Wagamama Chicken Ramen Menu

Chicken Ramen

Noodles in a broth topped with grilled chicken, seasonal greens, menma and spring onions.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

The breakfast menu usually includes dishes like sausage katsu stacks, kedgeree, the English breakfast, and chicken or duck ramen if available. 

Not all locations, but some do offer breakfast menus until noon. Check with your local branch to confirm.

It depends on the branch. Check with your local restaurant directly.

Yes, some breakfast items are vegetarian or vegan-friendly. You can find allergen information and dietary guides on our website.

We are flexible. Let your server know about any allergies or dietary needs when you are seated.

We typically don’t take reservations, but you can check with your local branch.

Prices vary depending on the dish, but breakfast items generally range from £6.50 to £12.95.

Final Word

Wagamama breakfast blends Japanese and classic morning dishes. Try green tea pancakes, ramen with eggs and bacon, sushi rolls with avocado or bagels with smoked salmon. Or go for a Japanese-style breakfast box with omelette, fish, rice, and soup. It’s all tasty and perfect for starting your day right.

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