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Welcome to Craving Asian Food in Oxford. Wagamama is here to satisfy your hunger. This restaurant is famous for its tasty Asian dishes, with choices for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. You’ll find something yummy, whether you’re into favorites like chicken katsu curry or want to try something different, like Korean barbecue beef buns. It’s in the centre and stays open late, making it a handy and fun place for students and locals.

Popular Items At Wagamama Oxford UK Outlet

Look at the favourite dishes served at Wagamama restaurants in Oxford, UK.

Wagamama Kare Don Menu Outlets

Chicken Katsu Curry

This dish features crispy panko-crumbed chicken with Wagamama’s signature katsu curry sauce, steamed rice, and pickled ginger.

Firecracker Chicken Menu

Firecracker Chicken

This spicy dish features tender pieces of chicken wok-fried with chillies, red peppers, and spring onions. It’s served with steamed rice and will tantalise your taste buds.

Yasai Katsu Curry Menu

Yasai Katsu Curry

A vegetarian option featuring crispy panko-crumbed vegetables served with Wagamama’s signature katsu curry sauce, steamed rice, and fresh salad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, there is one Wagamama restaurant in Oxford.

Wagamama serves Asian-inspired dishes, including ramen, rice bowls, curries, and salads. It also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

Final Word

Wagamama Oxford Outlets, Where you find yummy Japanese food in Oxford to enjoy tasty dishes like noodles, curry, and dumplings. Wagamama has something delicious in Oxford, whether you’re hungry for lunch, dinner, or just a quick bite.

Wagamama Oxford Outlets In United Kingdom

Monday-Sunday (11:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

Wagamama Oxford Reviews United Kingdom

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Oren YudkinOren Yudkin
09:50 07 May 24
I absolutely love this place! The food is authentic and delicious, and the service is efficient and friendly. The only drawback for me is the relatively loud music, which in turn elevates the volume of everyone's conversations and the whole restaurant. Other than that, Wagamama is amazing!
Konstantinos KKonstantinos K
13:27 14 Apr 24
Anwar BAnwar B
02:01 13 Apr 24
Great assistance and service as always from Mr xavier. Thank you
Adriana GessagaAdriana Gessaga
19:11 12 Apr 24
Had a takeaway and the food was delicious
ric davidric david
19:10 08 Apr 24
I dont think i have ever left a restaurant review. I must have eaten in wagamamma a 100 times . my wife and i went to itsu in oxford for a meal it was so revolting we left it all. We wanted some noodles so we went to this place thinking well at least we know what we will get will be edible. i am afraid we were completely wrong. Like all wagamamma when you order for some reason your order comes bit by bit over time. first we got a bowl of rice then about 10 minutes later another dish came then about 10m minutes after that we got the main dishes by which time the rice and first dish were cold we asked for a new bowl of rice which they served we then set about trying to eat the main course which was almost indebible including the earlier dish. i left half my dish my wife about 3/4 we then got a bill for £35 . We left with a revolting taste in our mouth and had to go to a cafe to eat something sweet to take the awful taste away . The restaurant had about maximum 10 people in it but you would have thought it had a 100 the way the place was run it was about 5.30 so maybe it was a change of shift or something. i dont think i will ever go to wagamamma again anywhere. The staff were OK but seemed to be a bit confused about everything . There appears to be nowhere in oxford worth eating in which is strange when you think it is a tourist and student hotspot. I would give no stars if possible for the food
23:41 23 Mar 24
We've been given a very tasty food ...nothing to complain about.
Ajinkya KaleAjinkya Kale
15:07 24 Feb 24
Never disappointsDelicious foodVery lively and lovely serviceOmkar ( our server ) was very helpful with recommendations and explained the dishes well to my grandparents who were visiting…I was quite impressed with his knowledge of the menu and friendly attitude that made my family so comfortable…Lilia who was managing the tables was so fun and accommodating … she helped us find a large table in a very busy timeWill definitely will visit again and recommend while visiting Oxford.
zohreh akbarizohreh akbari
10:59 09 Jan 24
the food was below average. we ordered a food which had chiken and pawn. then we asked to remove the pawn. but instead of adding more chiken or at least vegetable, they just brought a nuddle with 2-3 pieces of small chiken!!! so yes, we paid for a plain nuddle! so disappointed!
Thaynna De OliveiraThaynna De Oliveira
20:43 10 Sep 23
I’m a huge Wagamama fan and really enjoy the food and trying new dishes. Today I went to the Wagamama in Oxford and had Judith as my waitress and this has yet been the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. She is so attentive, polite and joyful. Thank you for making our experience even better due to your service.
18:07 28 Aug 23
Very popular place, it's best to arrive early.Great food, friendly staff, and a nice atmosphere all make for an enjoyable eating experience. I would definitely recommend.

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