Wagamama Exeter Menu Price 2024

Wagamama Exeter Menu UK

Welcome to Wagamama Exeter Menu UK; we have yummy Japanese food to try. We start with tasty appetizers like edamame beans and gyoza dumplings. Our unique ramen bowls, like Chicken Katsu Curry and Yasai Ramen for vegetarians, have delicious broths and fresh noodles. 

Remember our sides, like wok-fried greens and chili squid. We’ve got something for everyone, whether you like noodles, rice, or stir-fries. Enjoy our friendly place and try our authentic Japanese dishes at Wagamama Exeter Menu.

Wagamama Exeter Menu Uk 2024

Wagamama UK Menu – Starters

DishesPrice In UK £
Prawn Nori Rolls6.50
Crispy Chilli Squid7.00
Gyoza (Chicken or Vegetable)6.00
Yasai Katsu Curry Croquettes6.00
Wagamama Starters Menu UK

Main Courses

DishesPrice In UK £
Yasai Ramen12.50
Chicken Katsu Curry14.00
Pad Thai13.00
Teriyaki Steak Donburi15.00
Main Courses Menu Price

Wagamama Sides Menu

DishesPrice In UK £
Grilled Greens4.00
Miso Soup3.50
Katsu Curry Sauce2.00
Wagamama Sides Menu Price

Wagamama Desserts Menu

DishesPrice In UK £
Chocolate Brownie5.50
Banana Katsu5.00
Matcha Mochi Ice Cream4.50
Wagamama Desserts Menu Price Uk

Wagamama Exeter Booking

If you want to eat at Wagamama Exeter, you can book a table online. Booking a table helps you choose when you want to eat and avoid waiting. It’s good for any time you go with friends or have something special to celebrate. Wagamama has yummy Asian food, and booking a table makes sure you can enjoy your meal without any problems.

Most Popular Wagamama Exeter Menu in the UK

Here are some of the most popular dishes found on Exeter menus in the UK:

Wagamama Chicken Gyoza Menu

Chicken Gyoza

Pan-fried dumplings filled with succulent chicken and seasoned with ginger and garlic. These are classic Wagamama starters and are always crowd-pleasers.

Wagamama Korean BBQ Beef Buns Menu Price UK

Korean BBQ Beef Buns

Steamed buns filled with slow-cooked Korean BBQ beef, kimchi, and spring onions. These are a newer reserve to the menu, but we have quickly become a popular choice.

Wagamama Chicken Katsu Curry Menu Price

Chicken Katsu Curry

Japanese-style breaded chicken served with sticky rice, Katsu curry sauce, and pickled ginger. This is a classic Wagamama main course and is always a safe bet.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Wagamama serves Asian-inspired cuisine, focusing on Japanese dishes like ramen, rice bowls, and gyoza. We also have various other items on the menu, including salads, sides, and desserts.

Yes, Wagamama Exeter has a gluten-free menu available. You can request it from your server or find it online on the Wagamama website.

Yes, Wagamama Exeter has a large selection of vegan dishes. It are marked on the menu.

Wagamama Exeter is open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays and from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM on other days.

No, Wagamama Exeter does not take bookings. However, they have a large seating area, and you can usually get a table without too much of a wait.

Yes, Wagamama Exeter offers delivery and takeaway. You can order online or through the app.

Wagamama Exeter


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Phil CaseyPhil Casey
12:26 22 May 24
Great service and a fantastic menu!
Luke VerebLuke Vereb
16:52 19 May 24
Rozza 3854Rozza 3854
18:58 17 May 24
Worst Wagama’s experience I’ve had unfortunately. Food came out at the most bizarre time despite an empty restaurant, most food cold and completely overpriced. Won’t be returning sadly.
09:42 15 May 24
Hayden EdwardsHayden Edwards
17:26 09 May 24
Waited ages for a drink. Apparently, had run out of glasses. Asked for no prawns but told would be charged more for extra chicken, but not less for no prawns. Not sure how that works.
Tracey KingTracey King
18:12 23 Mar 24
Food & staff great, look up to the ceiling and its filthy 😢
eme leleeme lele
19:30 18 Mar 24
So i was expecting a lovely meal with my friend who has just come out from life changing surgery on her spinal column. However what we recived was atrocious service, our order was 1 hour late and we never recived the side dishes. it took 30 mins for us to recive our tap water and the cherry on the top was the long white hair we recived as topping on our main course.absolutley stunning
17:09 16 Mar 24
Normally, we love a wagamama date night. But the last few times we have been, we have been disappointed with the food.The staff are lovely friendly and helpful and the restaurant is clean.But the food has become bland, and tasteless, we were very surprised this time to have the yaki soba which was dry, overcooked and very bland and the chicken kastu curry and rice was quite tastless, the rice was overcooked and stodgy and the sauce was bland. By the time i had nearly eaten my meal by partners food hadn't even come out yet. The drinks were lovely but overpriced.It's a shame, but we will be eating elsewhere from now on. I'd they can't bring two different meals out at the same time then they need a new chef or a better kitchen.We may try again in a few months' time to see if anything has changed, but if not, then that's us done with wagamamas in Exeter now.
stuart coppstuart copp
12:20 16 Mar 24
Amy BAmy B
11:57 16 Mar 24
This place used to be excellent. I dont know what has changed but the last few times I have been, someone has finished their entire meal before the other person's is even bought out. I understand the staff say that food comes out at different times (and that has always been the case), but not 30 minutes between each dish. It is impossible to enjoy a meal with a friend here because you just end up watching each other eat meals- you never eat at the same time. It is just getting worse its disappointing. When food does eventually come it's nice but not hot enough.
Mehmet BodurMehmet Bodur
11:59 11 Mar 24
Excellent food great service and great value
Lyndon BedfordLyndon Bedford
14:35 09 Mar 24
I love Wagamamas. The food is excellent, menu always fresh. Staff always attentive, if not always on the ball. However, who came up with the idea to serve the food as it comes? 3 people dining, 3 starters, 3 mains simples. Our server did remind us that, as it was cooked on different stations, it would come out at different times - OK.What I wasn’t expecting was one of the mains to be delivered before the starters. Each of the starters came out individually with 10 minutes between each plate. Another wait before one of the other mains turned up, first one going cold so half eaten at this point. According to our server, it was the dumplings fault, but they would be ready in 2 minutes. So the third main turned up as the first one was being finished - so we all sat until that plate was finished. Not sure where the saving is in time. Very frustrating and not particularly social dining. But the restaurant is full, so why would they care?
Libby MerrittLibby Merritt
18:25 08 Mar 24
It’s really loud in there so nothing you can do about that, but the food is shocking. Sides come in the same dishes as dipping sauces you barely get any kimchi.I got bao buns were so bad, barely got any meat in the brisket and then for the pork belly had to send it back because I got more apple that the pork.The fried prawn was so bland I can’t put it into words.Don’t recommended the place, waiters rarely come to your table had to wait 15 mins before ordering and when I tried to send back the bao bun there was no one who came for another 10 mins.
Dane RidgwayDane Ridgway
14:04 05 Mar 24
What happened Wagamama? You used to be a staple in Exeter but now I can honestly say I’ll never return. No Asahi on top or in bottles today, which is fine as I just had a soft drink, but the 40min wait for food is just not acceptable, especially when there was no pre-warning of any delay. Fiancé had her meal and had eaten it all before any sign of my order, eventually got bored of waiting so asked for the bill and left. Staff all very pleasant but can’t help but feel there should have been a pre-warning regarding delays. Seems if you order anything other than a Katsu Curry you’re in for a long wait!
Vicky GeorgiadouVicky Georgiadou
17:58 03 Mar 24
I’ve dined in many Wagamamas and not any were as busy as this one, yet the food got served hot and quickly. I also want to point out that the service was very friendly. I have never tried their spicy margarita before but I was pleasantly surprised! I’d recommend it if you fancy an alcoholic drink.
Phillip Sidaway-LeePhillip Sidaway-Lee
20:14 02 Mar 24
We visited the Exeter restaurant on 2nd March. It was busy, but we had to remind staff for drinks and when they arrived me tea was not hot. In my opinion, the drinks had been sat on the side. My young daughter's meal (child) arrived significantly later than the other adult meals, and my meal still had not arrived when three of the adults had finished. I asked for the food to be cancelled, shortly after which the food appeared. In my opinion, just like the drinks, the food had been sat on the side. Overall, the kitchen, bar and table staff were not communicating.
Konstantin AboimovKonstantin Aboimov
15:15 25 Feb 24
Spent 25£ for delivery for pork ramen with extra pork, got 3 tiny pork pieces and it was cold, and I was waiting for 2 hours 🙁 .
bradley flanaganbradley flanagan
14:05 19 Feb 24
The best
Carolina BatistaCarolina Batista
16:16 18 Feb 24
Went for lunch with a friend around 15:30 on a sunday, almost full house. We got seated and only 20min after did someone asked us what we would like to order, this is after the waitress in our section took orders from 4 different tables that arrived after us and decided to bluntly ignore us… our orders were taken by the waitress in the section next to ours after we tried to get her attention the first time.Honestly pretty disappointed with the overall service. The tap water arrived after the main dishes and a lot of helpless begging for the staffs attention, when we finally got it we were answered back with attitude. The cherry on top of the cake tho was how the starters came at the same time as dessert should.Review on some of the dishes ordered:gochujang rice bowl: 1/5 no gochujang found in said dishkatsu curry: 3.5/5 lacks a bit of overall flavourpulled pork gyosas: 3/5 more like pork pâtéFelt like this restaurant is whitewashed asian inspired food, just lacks any type of authenticity.In this whole experience only grateful for the lovely waitress from the section next to us.Thank you:)
Daniel GoslingDaniel Gosling
14:48 17 Feb 24
Even with a big que we were only outside for 5 minutes. Maddy was very helpfull as I didn't have a clue what what I was looking at. Very good very nice.
Sándor BujdosóSándor Bujdosó
23:04 14 Feb 24
Kate O'NeilKate O'Neil
19:02 07 Feb 24
Such an excellent experience. Our waiter Dylan was really helpful when ordering and attentive. Delicious food! Best chain experience ever.
john daviesjohn davies
20:41 06 Feb 24
food as always top,customer service awesome chilli squid rocks
18:56 05 Feb 24
You can’t go wrong with wagamama. Food arrived fast and it was delicious ❤️
Jackie BodenJackie Boden
11:52 03 Feb 24
Like the food. Friendly helpful waiter guy from Liverpool.Drinks are a bit expensive. Lots of choice.
Tim BishopTim Bishop
15:47 02 Feb 24
One of our go to places for Exeter. This time had an issue with one of our meals and ran out of time. Our lovely server and manager really accommodating and made it a take out for me and knocked something off the bill. Super service 👌 👏Thanks and see you again soon 😊
Tomasz ZemczakTomasz Zemczak
15:17 24 Jan 24
Delicious food, nice service, I recommend it to everyone
Colin BakerColin Baker
08:14 25 Oct 23
Well!! I went to Wagamama in Bath...seems like a hundred years ago....but didn't enjoy it and have never been back. But now I am so glad I did. This time in chilled out Exeter. And I absolutely loved it !! My Yaki soba was delicious and the small dishes were sooo tasty too. It comes at a price though because it is expensive and the chicken and prawn was difficult to find. Nice atmosphere not particularly relaxing as we could see 8 chefs slaving away in close proximity. That's probably why it's expensive. Nice Isahi beer...again pricey at £6.50 a bottle. Friendly service and all in all a super time....
Sam Elliott-SmithSam Elliott-Smith
15:15 21 Oct 23
Unless you're eating in your own, don't expect your meals to arrive at the same time. People on our table and nearby tables were not being served as a table. People were finished before others on their table had been served. Something is very wrong in the kitchen co-ordination!!!! Very poor experience. Pop round the corner to Yo Sushi instead, where they know what they're doing.
James LoweJames Lowe
15:37 15 Oct 23
Wagamama Exeter you are blinking brilliant!!!Atmosphere throughout the restaurant was buzzing with food excitement, happy faces on every table.Food...out of this umami world!! The glow on peoples faces when plates and bowls land in front of them, the food smiles were wonderful to see.Service never stopped a second. Everyone on the floor and kitchen moving and working together, even with smiles.Hats off to you all. Great tables checks, nice chat with the duty manager on the door, and the floor team were all engaged and doing what they should do best.Highly recommend. This is what we were born to enjoy.Deffo worth the 10 minute wait in the que.Belly now full of waga umami yummyness.
Beverley TreeBeverley Tree
18:49 22 Sep 23
We visited Wagamama in Exeter, for the first time in their chain. I told our Greeter that I am allergic to shellfish and intolerant to heat of any food or spice. He was kind, thoughtful and a check with the head chef , suggested the most bland dish. My husband had a nice and spicy dish. We also had a nice wine and beer, plus iced tap water. The waiting staff were attentive and friendly. The atmosphere was very welcoming, with families eating out after school and couples and groups.My bland dish was very suitable for me, as I found it tasty enough. A very nice change for a couple of boring eaters.

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