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Welcome to Wagamama. It is an excellent place to eat in Milton Keynes, with restaurants at Xscape and Centre: MK. They make yummy Japanese-style food like noodles and curries. The restaurants have big tables, so it’s suitable for eating with friends. It’s quick and tasty, perfect for a meal while shopping or hanging out at Xscape. Wagamama has many different foods on the menu, so everyone can find something they like. Give it a try for a fun and relaxed meal in Milton Keynes.

Popular Items At Wagamama Milton keynes UK Outlet

Take a look at the favorite dishes served at Wagamama restaurants in Milton keynes, UK.



This classic Japanese dish of diced chicken, vegetables, and mushrooms simmered in a sweet and savoury curry sauce is served over steamed rice.

Yasai Pad Thai 

Yasai Pad Thai 

This vegetarian option features stir-fried rice noodles with tofu, vegetables, and a tamarind sauce. 

Firecracker Chicken

Firecracker Chicken

This dish features wok-fried chicken with chilies, ginger, garlic, and spring onions in a sweet and spicy sauce. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Monday-Sunday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Wagamama does not take reservations. Seating is first come, first served.

Wagamama restaurants in Milton Keynes offer takeaways. You can order online for click-and-collect or delivery.

Wagamama offers a variety of plant-based dishes, including ramen, curries, and sides. Over 50% of their menu is suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Wagamama Milton keynes Outlets In United Kingdom

Milton keynes Centre:mk

Location: 7, Sunset Walk, Milton Keynes MK9 3PD, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

Xscape Milton Keynes

Location: Unit 18a, 602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 3XS, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

Wagamama Milton keynes Reviews

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Alexandru DumitruAlexandru Dumitru
21:19 12 May 24
Paul LPaul L
16:02 12 May 24
iain mcphersoniain mcpherson
19:59 09 May 24
Great food
Andy MillsAndy Mills
16:25 06 May 24
Everything about our visit was perfect.The staff were awesome and the food was delicious.
Marc SoulsbyMarc Soulsby
08:24 01 May 24
Emerson SilvaEmerson Silva
13:17 06 Apr 24
Dick YidDick Yid
18:26 03 Apr 24
14:46 31 Mar 24
Brandon MusgroveBrandon Musgrove
20:39 28 Mar 24
We stopped here to eat on our first day back on england and so happy we did. Not only was the food delightful, but all the hostess' were amazing and attentive.
Oliver MitchellOliver Mitchell
14:12 20 Mar 24
Horrible service today. Being point blank ignored by the staff. I look at one person and the other replies. What on earth is that? They are obviously trying hard to avoid getting a tip. Ridiculous
06:50 05 Mar 24
Never had a bad meal here and the service is always good.For a high street chain, you cannot go wrong.We chose a selection of small dishes on this occasion and were not disappointed. The Bang Bang Cauliflower certainly has a kick to it!
Sudhakar PolamarasettySudhakar Polamarasetty
14:12 02 Mar 24
Excellent food and I love firecracker dish… spicy lovers must try dish.. tried almost 50% of their menu dishes lot of times and I like all of them…
Lindsay WilsonLindsay Wilson
17:21 11 Sep 23
Perfect for an early dinner on my own. As always high quality and tasty food. Service great and fast.Very happy.
Shu fai WuShu fai Wu
12:48 08 Sep 23
Service is good, the place is clean.I ordered curry prawn, grilled chicken ramen, and spicy chicken ramen. The prawn lost its taste, ramen too soft and the ramen soup tasted like water. Will put into my blacklist definitely
Amandeep SinghAmandeep Singh
07:06 25 Sep 22
Good food and good drinks. We really enjoyed the quality of the preparations, across the board.However, there was one thing that can be improved. This place is jam packed with people, especially on weekends. This results in the staff being stretched and hence, service suffers. We had to wait very long times to order and for the bill, and to reorder drinks.This is something that should improve, but otherwise this place is very highly recommended.
Paty MadureiraPaty Madureira
18:09 05 May 24
I love the food, staffs are friendly but they definitely need a bigger space!
Jelly TotkidJelly Totkid
19:19 02 May 24
Been coming to wagas for years and this place has always been amazing. Fast service and every member of staff is amazing. Especially Rob who was my waiter on my last visit and it a top gent would recommend.
Manuel “Makku”Manuel “Makku”
14:20 28 Apr 24
Really delicious food, fast and efficient service. The staff very helpful.
Taner CakirTaner Cakir
08:22 28 Apr 24
Food: Nothing to say here. You definitely get what you pay for. Nothing to complain about.Service: Came here a few times, the attitude of people who work here differ massively. Sometimes it’s been great, sometimes it’s been the other way around.Atmosphere: It’s good, wasn’t busy at the times I was here so not loud. Lighting in this place is also good, dim, lets you enjoy your time.
18:51 26 Apr 24
Perfect Place For A Celebration MealI booked here for a celebration meal prior to me leaving on my travels and had a group of 30. The restaurant was incredibly helpful in accommodating most of my wishes and Cristian was able to help arrange things ahead of time. They had additional high chairs, changed the seating arrangements and was very discreet in billing and ensuring nobody was charged as it was on the one bill.The layout of the venue is exceptional and classy and with the doors closed you would have no idea you were in the Xscape building. I should definitely mention that the food was exquisite certainly worth the money and time. We gave a pre-order in advance to help the restaurant with an idea of what was to come. Personally I had the Japanese Wagyu steak and cannot recommend it enough.The staff were incredibly attentive and supportive for the group ensuring all was well for us and I appreciate them for that. Definitely recommend this place.
Reeve LangeveldtReeve Langeveldt
22:24 03 Apr 24
Can never go wrong with Wagamama.
Jane FinJane Fin
19:25 31 Mar 24
Came here a few months ago and received lovely service from Tony but after my last experience I won’t be returning to this wagamama.Upon arrival there was a queue out the door but we didn’t mind the wait. Odd thing to note one of the servers told a table of 2 to say they’re a table of 4 to “get a better table” seemed a bit odd but if that’s how they do things I guess it is what it is.We were seated right by the toilets but requested to move which wasn’t a problem. It wasn’t until after we ordered where things were doing wrong.We requested the sakura gin and tonic but asked to swap tonic for lemonade because quinine (the main flavouring in tonic doesn’t react well with me). Our server told us this wasn’t a problem at all.Our food came before our drinks so we chased them up. When the drinks came out the gin came with tonic, which had I of drank I would have been very unwell but luckily the can of sprite next to the full gin gave it away. We asked the person who brought the drinks what had happened and he said that “my manager won’t let you swap it”. We thought that was really odd so we spoke to the manager.The manager, Nicole, came out and never have both myself and my boyfriend who are both managers in hospitality have seen or received such service.She told us she didn’t want to swap it because of the headache she would get trying to note it down to the big bosses. Nicole also said wagamamas “don’t do things like that” despite the fact i’ve been to the other 2 wagamamas in MK and one in hereford and they didn’t have an issue there as well as last time I came to this one, they had done it with no issue! Nicole told us we can’t order something that isn’t on the menu (the lemonade is on the menu) and we aren’t allowed to swap something. This was odd because kitchen swapped something on my dish and it wasn’t an issue. Lemonade is cheaper than tonic and had nicole of noted down the change, it wouldn’t have “affected her stocks”. When being told we aren’t allowed to change anything I asked, so if someone has an allergy or intolerance to one thing they can’t substitute it with something else and she straight up said no… if you have an allergy don’t both going here.Her attitude was appalling and I have never seen anything like it. I’ve worked in hospitality for 4 years and my boyfriend has for 8 and if any of my staff or someone on my management team spoke to a guest like that I would be shocked and appalled. When speaking to her at the end we raised this with her and she stormed off and walked away. Great customer service! Working in hospitality isn’t easy no but the worst thing you could EVER do is walk away from a guest cause your feelings got hurt. If you don’t like what’s being said about the way you spoke to us, don’t speak to us like that it’s pretty simple actually.To top it all of she didn’t even take the drink we didn’t even have in the end off the menu. it wasn’t until we asked for it to be taken off until it was removed.It wasn’t a cheap meal and honestly the worst experience we’ve ever had. We have filled out a complaint form online but yet to hear back.Simply won’t be returning and telling others to go elsewhere because no one wants to be spoken to like dirt or made to feel like an inconvenience
David BarlowDavid Barlow
18:56 28 Mar 24
First time going and the food was marvellous great staff
Kristin FuchsKristin Fuchs
20:39 23 Mar 24
Great food and lovely staff
Yasmin AhmedYasmin Ahmed
18:32 18 Mar 24
Our server Robert was great, he was very helpful in what to order. Definitely would recommend wags they are a friendly approachable team. Thank you 😊
Cai CoxCai Cox
15:44 09 Mar 24
Had an absolutely shocking experience with some friends. We waited an hour for our food to arrive, which arrived about 5 minutes before our drinks, which were wrong. Upon several incorrect drinks being brought, we were told to "chill out, yeah", before a member of staff came over & rudely slammed the correct drink on the table before storming off. A drink we were told would be removed from the bill was never removed, & I paid the full bill simply so we wouldn't have to debate with rude, immature waitstaff any further. We also heard them providing improper service to other guests, & the atmosphere was generally miserable & disorganised, despite not being particularly busy. We will not be going here again, despite being loyal customers for quite some time.
23:01 18 Jan 24
Today I try out new stores as always. I didn't see many customers outside the door, but I saw some Japanese dishes and decided to give it a try. I didn't expect to be able to eat such delicious Japanese food in the UK at a reasonable price. The environment in the store is very clean and the service attitude of the store clerk is also very good. Maybe today I came alone at 2:30, so the clerk was happy to chat with me, but in any case, my experience so far has been very good. I hope to have more customers in the future because I don’t want this place to close down and never be able to taste it.
Vanesa WhiteVanesa White
23:14 05 Jan 24
We have visited many Wagamama in Milton Keynes and around the country. In this instance I thought I'd make a point of leaving a review for this branch because of the service and ambiance.You'd be surprised that not all branches follow Wagamama's formula when cooking I think. Some restaurants' meals can be quite bland and lack flavour especially at peak times.In this instance, I think someone was over zealous with the chilli. For this reason my daughter was slowly picking at her meal. I thought what a waste as Wagamama is a favourite for her. My meal was tasty.The service provided by our server Neve was lovely and on the ball. Walking by she observed that my daughter was not enjoying her meal.Neve promptly sorted tbe matter. Being a customer focused restaurant we were offered the meal to take home. I had the leftover and my goodness my mouth was on FIRE!! Poor child!Nebe being thoughtful and energetic on the day added to our eating experience as we had travelled over an hour from our usual haunts to celebrate our daughter's birthday.Besides this blip, I still will give this branch a five star.The atmosphere was lovely and not busy at the time we visited. We dined after watching a 15:50pm movie.There was ample parking available at the time we went.I would definitely recommend Wagamama Xscape.
Ainhoa Ferrandis PereaAinhoa Ferrandis Perea
20:48 03 Sep 23
Delicious salmon Koyo Bowl! Packed with veggies and all the colours that I wanted to it! Perfect after a gym session.Thanks Huzaifa (He was very good accommodating all my food requests) 🫛
07:00 13 Mar 23
Great set up. There's a bit of a queue to get in, but it moves pretty fast. The service is fantastic: you're offered green tea while ypu wait, friendly, efficient, attentive and poite staff. Nice menu and the food looks and smells good. However, not very tasty. We were a party of 4 and we all ordered something different, and all 4 dishes were tasteless. The chef/ kitchen needs to work on that.

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