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Welcome to Wagamama, which is the perfect choice. With two spots – Trinity Leeds for a lively dining experience post-shopping and Penraevon Industrial Estate for easy delivery – Wagamama serves a diverse range of delicious dishes to please everyone. Whether you fancy classic noodles, rice delights like ramen and Teriyaki Chicken, or their renowned Katsu Curry (offered in chicken, veggie, and vegan options!), Wagamama has something for every taste. Catering to different dietary needs, Wagamama invites you to savour a bit of Asia right here in Leeds.

Popular Items At Wagamama Leeds UK Outlet

Take a look at the favourite dishes served at Wagamama restaurants in Leeds, UK.

Karo Bao Menu

Kare Bāo

These are steamed buns filled with savoury pork or vegetable filling.Enjoy fluffy buns packed with tasty pork or veggies.

Yasai Pad Thai Menu

Yasai Pad Thai

This plant-based dish showcases stir-fried noodles combined with an assortment of vegetables, tofu, and a delectable peanut sauce.

Kimchi Ramen Menu

Kimchi Ramen

This flavorful recipe showcases Korean kimchi, succulent pork belly, noodles, and a delicately cooked soft-boiled egg.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

One Wagamama outlet in Leeds is located at the Trinity Leeds shopping centre.

The Wagamama outlet in Leeds is located at:

  • Upper Dining Terrace, Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre, Leeds LS1 5AY

The Wagamama outlet in Leeds is open:

  • Monday-Sunday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Wagamama operates a walk-in policy and does not take reservations.

Yes, the Wagamama outlet in Leeds has disabled access via a lift on Boar Lane.

The Wagamama outlet in Leeds offers:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Outside dining
  • Baby facilities

Final Word

To finish off, Wagamama Leeds is a great place to eat. It’s not just any old restaurant – it’s in Leeds and has fantastic Japanese-style food. They’ve got all sorts of yummy dishes, like noodles and more. The place feels friendly and relaxed, and the people who work there are amiable. So, next time you’re hungry, why not try Wagamama Leeds? You’ll love it.

Wagamama Leeds Outlets In United Kingdom


Location:Unit 22, Penraevon Industrial Estate, Leeds LS7 2AW, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM To 10:00 PM (Monday To Sunday)

Wagamama white rose

Location:unit 4, white rose, Dewsbury Rd, Leeds LS11 8LU, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM To 10:00 PM (Monday To Sunday)

Monday To Sunday (11:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

Wagamama Leeds Reviews United Kingdom

Dudley BassueDudley Bassue
17:58 29 Sep 22
12:06 23 May 22
lovely food
Parker TimothyParker Timothy
10:13 19 May 22
excellent delivery, everything is very tasty
Jamie LeonardJamie Leonard
20:50 10 May 22
incredible customer service, extremely dedicated staff, uber failed to deliver my order or help out when called so i called the restaurant and the member of staff on the phone was so incredibly helpful, tried getting to the bottom of the issue with uber and when uber failed to co operate and help us resolve the issue, the member of staff took time out of his day to personally hand deliver the order to my house himself.
17:08 19 Apr 22
Karl CanningKarl Canning
23:18 26 Mar 22
Ordered the katsu chicken on deliveroo, what a sad dissapointment, grim flavour, pathetic portion, and that side dish of dry lettuce was laughable, i mean, are you joking with that lettuce? A £1.20 meal for £13. Can't even complain directly. Don't eat here.
Black DiamondBlack Diamond
23:12 03 Jan 22
Food was terrible. This is the second time we've had food from there. If you want wagamama forget this kitchen. Go to the restaurant instead.
Alex GmedhnAlex Gmedhn
21:57 24 Nov 21
Amazing staff! and great service very time conscious.
Gulreyz AhmadGulreyz Ahmad
10:15 16 Mar 20
Just go there to pick up delivery, it was really quick & fastAlthough it is hard to find that place
chris inglesonchris ingleson
22:22 05 May 24
Abigail BaraniakAbigail Baraniak
19:06 05 May 24
Me and my Gran go to wagamamas at white rose every weekend, not only is the food always amazing but the staff are always so attentive and making sure we’re enjoying our food. We’ve become very familiar with most of the servers, particularly Laurie, Dawid, Dom, Dexter etc. and its a lovely part of our weekend to see them and talk to them whilst enjoying our time there. Would 100% recommend this wagamamas, thank you all again for everything you do for us 😊
David ShawDavid Shaw
09:04 05 May 24
Its one of my wifes favourite food chain places before you go in sit down and order you know its going to be a nice meal no matter which 1 you visit
Martyn RobsonMartyn Robson
19:06 02 May 24
Great food good service
Serena GeersSerena Geers
16:47 01 May 24
Healthy, delicious food as always
Ayaz SyedAyaz Syed
12:50 28 Mar 24
Natalia was serving us last night and it’s probably the best service I’ve had anywhere I’ve been. The main I chose wasn’t great but I didn’t want to waste the food or create a fuss. I explained I was happy to continue but she insisted she wanted me to leave happy.The meal was replaced quickly.The service was great, friendly, personal and quick.
Melanie LockwoodMelanie Lockwood
17:06 05 Feb 24
We were served by Dom5 star service. Pleasant server. Lots of visible cobwebs above tables, strung from hanging lights. Walls were visibly dusty. Needs a deep clean on areas you don't necessarily see. Tables very clean, floors very clean. Just the attention to detail on the overall look
18:28 08 Dec 23
I've always loved Wagamama food, until a recent experience where there was meat in my veggie take-away meal (not just one piece, the entire meal). I contacted them with details and pictures, they requested my number but never called. Didn't so much as offer a refund on that item. If you have allergies I'd tread very carefully. Very disappointed after years of enjoying Wagamama. I won't trust them again.
Tara BrownTara Brown
09:29 13 Feb 23
First time I've been to this restaurant chain and was very pleasantly surprised. I love the food, it was different and tasty, so much choice. See photos. I like how they brought the dishes out when ready, as we were sharing a few starters, it was ideal.I will definitely be back.
22:56 27 Feb 22
Average at best, the waiting staff are not very attentive and didn’t ask us once how our meal was.My partner ordered a steak dish and it tasted like rubber as it very overcooked (see pictures) ironically, the staff asked how we’d like the steak, we asked for it medium rare and got the polar opposite. After trying to get the attention of a member of staff they recooked some more steak which was much better but the waiting time for this to be recooked was about 10 minutes which meant my partner had to watch me eat mine.It didn’t blow my socks off and for the price it was disappointing.
Sienna Rhodes xxxSienna Rhodes xxx
16:38 29 Mar 24
couldn’t have asked for a better date for me and my partner. the food was absolutely delicious and our server shane was so amazingly sweet and attentive to us. well done on hiring such amazing staff ! definitely will visit again x
17:15 27 Feb 24
First time in wagamamas. Will not be the last. Attentive host/server, quiet and nice decor. Food was absolutely stunning! Good pricing. Felt really welcomed. Thank you!
Marie HarMarie Har
19:24 12 Oct 23
Delicious. Shared several dishes between 2 and they were all excellent. The vegan bao buns are amazing.
Paul DentonPaul Denton
19:12 12 Oct 23
Our grand daughter Phoebe loves wagamamas so we decided to try it. Not sure what to have and worked of recommendation of Phoebe and our server Harper who was excellent in guiding us through the menu. Chilli squid as a starter followed by the tofu ramen and hot bowl with beef. All very tasty and cooked in front of you in the open kitchen. For a first time very good as we dont usually do chains.
I had a very lovely afternoon here, I just needed a quiet place to eat and I decided to try Wagamama. The ambiance was lovely, you may sit inside or outside and I did not need a reservation.The drink I had was pandan passion fruit colada, it tasted so lovely but was too small 🥹🙄😁. I ate fire cracker which consists of rice and my protein choice was chicken, if you love spicy foods then this is definitely for you and I love the shrimp 🍤 I enjoy it so much. I ordered for orange 🍊 juice 🥤 but I didn’t enjoy it, something was off about the taste for me. The staff were good and attentive.

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