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Welcome to Wagamama Nottingham UK at the Cornerhouse, famous for its Asian food fans. We have lots of tasty dishes like noodles, dumplings, and sushi. It’s easy to get to and perfect for a quick meal while shopping or before seeing a film. 

The big tables mean you might sit with new people, but sharing food and chatting is fun. So, if you’re in Nottingham and hungry for Japanese flavours, Wagamama at The Cornerhouse is the place to go.

Popular Items At Wagamama Nottingham UK Outlet

Take a look at the favourite dishes served at Wagamama restaurants in Nottingham, UK.

Wagamama Bang Bang Cauliflower Menu

Bang Bang Cauliflower 

This vegan dish features crispy cauliflower florets tossed in a sweet, spicy firecracker sauce. It’s famous for a flavorful and satisfying starter or side dish.

Chicken Katsu Curry Menu Uk

Chicken Katsu Curry

A classic Wagamama dish, this features crispy panko-crumbed chicken served with Japanese curry sauce, steamed rice, and pickled ginger. It’s a hearty and satisfying option for any hunger.

Wagamama Ramen Menu


Wagamama offers a variety of ramen dishes, each with its unique broth and toppings. Popular options include the Chashu Ramen (with pork belly) and the Tantanmen (with a spicy sesame broth).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The exact address of the Wagamama Nottingham outlet is private online. However, you can find the restaurant using online maps or by searching the Wagamama website.

 It is still being determined whether Wagamama Nottingham takes reservations. It is recommended to contact the restaurant directly to inquire about their reservation policy.

While Wagamama doesn’t release official data on their most popular items by location, some of their most popular dishes overall include Bang Bang Cauliflower, Chicken Katsu Curry, Yasai Katsu Curry, Ramen, Edamame, and Steamed Gyoza.

Yes, Wagamama offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, including the Bang Bang Cauliflower, Yasai Katsu Curry, and several other dishes. Be sure to check the menu or ask your server for recommendations.

Wagamama Nottingham Outlets In United Kingdom


Wagamama Nottingham Reviews 

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20:27 19 May 24
Wonderful meal
Stuart O'BrienStuart O'Brien
19:49 09 May 24
The food was as expected, great!. . . Service was exceptionally good, too! The atmosphere was a little low but purely due to the time of visits. Highly recommend to any wagamama fans or even if it's your first try! Staff are extremely friendly and always willing to help.
Avinash VajramaniAvinash Vajramani
07:10 06 May 24
Always a great experience! Although too much salt in kid’s edamame beans. Kids enjoyed their meal. Good portions and tasty food.
Mia StollerMia Stoller
22:36 05 May 24
Highly disappointing. Three main meals; first arrived after 5mins, the second meal after another 20mins, and the third, 15mins later still.The third main was incorrect, and on second presentation was still incorrect.The second main was Pad Thai with tofu. There were just four pieces of tofu. I asked the server if this was typical, and was told that amounts are weighed out. As someone who eats tofu regularly, this was about 40g...my typical serving being 150g.Whilst the food quality was not awful, the portion size and poor timings of our meals made our social event far less enjoyable.We decided to leave wothout ordering sweets treats & drinks. Will not be returning to any Wagamamas if this is the standard now.
Shim 76Shim 76
20:28 17 Mar 24
The customer WiFi doesn’t connect so the QR code for digital payment needs to be done using data and there appears to be no 5G in the local area?! 🍜🥟🍱
Tomas NikolsonTomas Nikolson
13:43 17 Mar 24
Nice place to eat tasty food, it seems a simple designed place but it's a very warm restaurant, the dishes in general are very good and the stuff very helpful always with a smile, I ll be back soon for my next meal for sure
Adèle SpicerAdèle Spicer
20:56 16 Mar 24
Fantastic service. I have allergies so going to restaurants is always a nightmare for me. Cara and Connor in particular were really helpful by taking my order separately from my group. Thank you!
TA Akhil KareemTA Akhil Kareem
10:33 14 Mar 24
Katja ZimmermannKatja Zimmermann
22:38 13 Mar 24
Wagamama fan since they opened their first restaurant in London.Great new menu additions, love the Korean inspired hotpot with tofu and spicy makarel. Loooved the shou pastry desert!VERY DISAPPOINTED that the raw juice and carrot juice were taken off the menu. Tried all other variations - nothing compares.
Rt GalvezRt Galvez
20:05 11 Jan 24
“There’s always room for improvement”.Customer service is top notch! Welcoming and very helpful 💯Food is Great really flavorful and taste unique 💯Cleanliness is good just need to maintain 💯
James CJames C
14:48 01 Jan 24
Food was very high quality, and filling. Shame that the dishes can come out at differing times, but I understand that it's because it is cooked fresh and served. But at the same time, slightly annoying if you're waiting 5-10mins while the rest of your table eats.Can't fault the food.
YamanArman BarlasYamanArman Barlas
12:17 18 Sep 23
I was generally well received. The food was very good. I didn't ask for the bill, but it was brought to me. This is not the right approach. There were lots of empty places at the restaurant. Everything was fine except this part. I can recommend everyone.
Steve SimpsonSteve Simpson
16:51 12 Mar 23
We had not been here for some years so thought we give it a go again. The first table we were taking too I had to ask that we be moved as it was filthy so not a great start. Really enjoyed the food although one of the adult portion sizes was a bit small for the price. Staff were very friendly and the food didn’t take too long to come out. Kids loved the fresh smoothie type drinks. Overall we enjoyed it but they could do better with slightly larger pasta portion sizes and a better attention to cleanliness.
jordan sjordan s
03:38 20 Feb 23
By far one of the best Japanese dining experiences we have ever had. Speed of service was rapid. Food quality was outstanding, atmosphere was fantastic. We had 3 courses each just as good as the other. Friendly staff. 10/10.

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